Jonathan Goudeau, State Representative
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  • Medicaid Expansion
    We’re Close To Having 1/2 Million People On Medicaid And That’s Unsustainable. Too Much Fraud Waste And Abuse In The Program.
  • Taxes
    Louisiana Is Taxed To Death – Both Businesses And Individuals. I Am Not In Favor Of Increasing Taxes But I Am A Pragmatist And Understand Revenue Will Be Required For Things Like Roads And Bridges. We Need To Prioritize Our Spending.
  • State Spending
    We Need To Cut Waste, Fraud And Abuse And Focus Discretionary Spending On Priorities That Will Grow Our Economy And Move Louisiana Forward.
  • Public Education
    No Child Should Have To Attend A Failing School. All Options Should Be On The Table. Charter, Public, Private, Religious.
  • Teacher Pay Raise
    We Should Support Our Good Teachers. John Bel Is Trying To Buy There Vote With What Amounts To A $2 Per Day Bonus.
  • ITEP
    The Governors Decision To Change The ITEP Rules In The Middle Of The Game Is The Types Of Decisions That Drives Businesses Away.
  • Legacy Law Suits
    Killing Our Oil And Gas Industry. They Need To End.
  • Local Control
    Local Governments Shouldn’t Have To Come To Baton Rouge With Their Hat In Their Hands Begging For Their Money Back. We Need To Find Ways For Local Governments To Keep More Of Their Dollars And Spend Them Where They See The Biggest Needs.
  • Economic Development
    We Need To Create A Stable, Predictable Business Climate And Simplify Our Tax Code. We Have To Become Competitive With States Like Texas!
  • Tort Reform
    I Am In Favor Of Reducing The Jury Trial Threshold. We’re The Highest In The Country And Trial Lawyers Are Killing Our State.
  • 2nd Amendment
    I Am Pro Second Amendment And Will Do All I Can To Defend It.
  • Traffic/Infrastructure
    Traffic And Infrastructure In Louisiana Is As Bad As It Gets. We Have To Address It.
  • Gas Tax
    I Want To See Every Other Effort Made Before I Support Any Tax.
  • Constitutional Convention
    I Am Not Opposed To It To Free Up Dedicated Funds, But It Would Have To Be Under A Republican Governor.
  • TOPS
    TOPS Is A Vital Program For Louisiana Families, And We Must Maintain TOPS As A Merit-Based Scholarship Opportunity To Keep Our Brightest Students In Louisiana.
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